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Assess your group's level, evaluate their needs and provide certified training, generate extra revenue, etc. Provide your students with a complement to their current language training with our blended-learning offer.

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Diplôme gymglish

Level assessment

Our free test includes a level assessment and a Portfolio (a personalized pedagogical report).

Diploma & Certification

Upon finishing your training, Gymglish provides a certificate of completion including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate.

Extra revenue

Generate extra revenue from our high-quality, value-added educational service. Acquire new customers online. Create recurrent and long-term revenue with long-term subscriptions. Extend your customer life cycle.

Teacher Brief

Receive pedagogical information from your student(s) with an assortment of relevant, recently-covered points to be reviewed in priority: Specific student requests, recurrent and recent errors, revision needs, texts & audios from previous lessons, etc.

Diplôme Frantastique

Communication & Marketing Kit

Easy access to up-to-date banners & marketing content, original content, websites and other fun content to share on websites, blogs, Facebook and other social media sites.


Offer your services on Teachers.gymglish.com to promote your courses to our user base of 4,000,000 language learners (all listings are free, we charge 10% on paid transactions).

Since its launch in November 2004, Gymglish has built up a network of partner language schools and teachers across the world.