Who made the Rich Morning Show?

Animation and illustrations: Alexandre Soubrier

Illustrator, Flash expert, Web designer, Graphic designer, Cartoonist - www.moonpalace.fr

Alexandre Soubrier is a freelance illustrator, web designer, and cartoonist. Alexandre, who is self-taught, has been working in graphic design for many years. His clients include EURO RSCG, Marquetis, Marie de Paris, Brandcorp, and more. After working with Gymglish (the website and illustrations), he began working on the Rich Morning Show project with Andrew Arnon and Benjamin Levy in early 2008. Alexandre created all the images for the Rich Morning Show, and provided animations for the 21 shows.

Recording, sound, and effects: Laurent Cabrillat

Laurent Cabrillat is also le Larron !


Actress: Jayne Tuttle (Octavia the Octopus)

Jayne Tuttle 's website!

Teaser: PIKEL

Pikel is a communications agency specialized in the creation of editorial, audiovisual and multimedia content. They combine strategic approaches with editorial, audiovisual and multimedia production.