Our characters: Woofie

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Age: 1 year old (7 in dog years)

Species: Canis Calientus (Dog)

Home town: Woofington Manor, Scotland

Characteristics: Barking, Panting, Licking, Sudoku, Spontaneous Combustion, Philanthropy

Woofie Woofington is the heir to the Woofington kibble estate, a small fortune accumulated by the Woofington family through lucrative investments in the kibble (croquette) industry during the kibble boom of the 80’s. Woofie, despite being a dog, has always been the black sheep of the family. Spending his share of the fortune on tennis balls and chew toys, Woofie does not get along well with his younger sister, whom he accurately describes as "a little bitch". Woofie loves to play games, but has been known to spontaneously combust under intense pressure. Woofie is a fun-loving animal, and enjoys chasing his tail and barking non-sensically. He is a major contributor to the arts and has a wing of the Guggenheim Museum of Dog Art named after him.

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