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3 / 6 / 9 months subscription

Free test

You can test the first two lessons for free.

Up to 5 lessons per week

Users can receive up to 5 lessons per week maximum. If 5 days are selected, 2 of these lessons will be dedicated to review. The estimated training time of the lessons is 6 hours per month (for 20 completed lessons). The actual training time depends on user's participation rate. The subscription price is independent of the number of lessons received and completed by each user.

Words in the news

Each lesson is centered on a word in the press from the world of politics, economics, sports, culture, etc. Learn while taking a fun look at the headlines (our archives go back to 2010).

Personalized User space

Statistics, printable vocab lists, grammar, progress and more.

Personalized pedagogical content

Based on your level, needs and interests.

For web, tablet and mobile

With apps available for iOS and Android, enjoy your lessons whenever and wherever you like.

Did you know? WordFlashback is based on content from the Word of the Month, a free, monthly supplement published by Gymglish.