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Gymglish offers online English lessons through daily e-mails. Each lesson introduces you to a new chapter of the Delavigne saga in San Francisco, with a touch of humor, Business English, a variety of accents and more.

Over 3 000 000 users around the world.

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How we make learning easy for you:

1 Each morning you'll receive an e-mail with an assortment of written content and audio recordings. Each lesson takes fifteen minutes to complete and includes a story about the Delavigne Corporation with dialogues, questions, 'mini-lessons' and revisions.

2 After clicking the 'send' button, you'll receive your e-mail corrections with your score of the day, explanations on why you got each question right or wrong, transcripts of the audio recordings, the vocabulary you wanted to learn more about, etc.

3 The next lessons will be customized according to your previous answers, your expectations and your needs. Gymglish uses your mistakes to develop a personalized lesson plan for you.

Over 3 000 000 users around the world

A fun method for learning English effortlessly


A daily English 'workout'

Only 15 minutes per day to improve your English.


A story

Follow the adventures of the Delavigne Corporation in San Francisco.



Personalized lessons are adjusted according to your level and needs.


Multiple platforms

Available for PC, mobile and tablet.

What our users are saying

 I am a fan of my English lessons and I really appreciate the work carried out by the Gymglish team. After all these years, I've finally improved my English and now I have no problem understanding conversations or watching films without subtitles. Steve (San Francisco)
 Gymglish's English lessons use a non-traditional approach! They helped me improve my skills in only ten minutes a day! Now it's easy for me to speak English and understand conversations! Lia (Boston)

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Gymglish: an English 'workout'. In each lesson, you'll follow the adventures of the Delavigne Corporation in San Francisco: full of humor, business English and a wide variety of accents. Each morning, you'll receive an e-mail in English with a variety of written and audio exercises. Gymglish lessons take 15 minutes to complete and include a story from the Delavigne Corporation, dialogues to listen to, questions to answer, 'mini-lessons', and a personalized revision program. After hitting the 'send' button, you'll receive a correction e-mail with your score for the day, explanations about why you got answers right or wrong, the vocabulary you wanted to learn more about, the scripts of the dialogues you listened to, and more. The Gymglish program was entirely created, edited and developed by the company A9 SAS.

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