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Cod & coi

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un COD (un complément d’objet direct) : a direct object nom masculingrammaire

Un COD refers to the direct object of the sentence: the person or thing to which the action is done. For example: J’ai planté un arbre (I planted a tree): un arbre is the COD; La pomme que tu as mangée (The apple which you ate): la pomme is the COD.

un COI (un complément d’objet indirect) : an indirect object nom masculingrammaire

Un COI refers to the indirect object of the sentence. It is often preceded by a preposition. For example: Il donne un cadeau à sa mère (He gives his mother a gift): un cadeau is the COD and sa mère is the COI; Je te parle (I’m talking to you): te is the COI because we say parler à (to talk to).

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