Future tense: irregular verbs with double r

Reminder: when conjugating regular verbs in the future tense we need to add the appropriate suffix (-ò, -ai, -à, -emo, -ete or -anno) to the stem of the verb.

Domani cenerò al ristorante giapponese.

Tomorrow I'll have dinner at the Japanese restaurant.

Tra sei mesi finirò l'università.

I will finish university in six months.

Some irregular verbs, such as tenere (to keep, to hold), volere (to want) and bere (to drink) are conjugated as follows in the future tense: first part of the infinitive + rr + future tense ending.

Io terrò
Tu terrai
Lui/lei terrà
Noi terremo
Voi terrete
Loro terranno
Io vorrò
Tu vorrai
Lui/lei vorrà
Noi vorremo
Voi vorrete
Loro vorranno
Io berrò
Tu berrai
Lui/lei berrà
Noi berremo
Voi berrete
Loro berranno

Terrò con me il portafortuna.

I'll keep the lucky charm with me.

Quale regalo vorrai per il compleanno?

What gift would you like for your birthday? (literally, “What gift will you like…?”)

Berremo un aperitivo alle 7.

We'll have pre-dinner drinks at 7 (literally, “we'll drink pre-dinner drinks at 7“).

Other verbs that behave in this way include valere (to be worth), rimanere (to remain, to stay), mantenere (to maintain, to keep) and venire (to come).

Varrà la pena di tentare la fortuna?

Will it be worth tempting fate?

Rimarrò in Italia per sei mesi.

I will stay in Italy for six months.

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