Irregular past participles: detto (said), fatto (done), scritto (written)

The verbs dire (to say), fare (to do) and scrivere (to write) all have irregular past participles. They are all similar to each other, though, and all end in -tto:

  • Dire: detto
  • Fare: fatto
  • Scrivere: scritto

We use these past participles the same way we use regular past participles, following the same rules. In compound tenses (those made up of multiple words), these verbs are conjugated using avere.

Te lo ho già detto.

I've already said that to you.

Li abbiamo già fatti (i regali).

We've already given (literally “done”) them (the gifts).

Avevate scritto quelle email?

Had you written those emails?


  • other verbs derived from these verbs work the same way. Examples: contraddire → contradetto (to contradict → contradicted); soddisfare → soffisfatto (to satisfy → satisfied); sottoscrivere → sottoscritto (to sign → signed).

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