Ordinal numbers for 11 to 100

Reminder: ordinal numbers agree in gender and in number with the noun they accompany.

Il primo classificato vince la medaglia d’oro.

First place wins the gold medal.

Mi ha ridetto la stessa cosa per la quinta volta.

He told me the same thing for the fifth time.

In general, the ordinal numbers for 11 to 100 are formed by taking the cardinal number, removing the final vowel and adding + -esimo/a/i/e.

11: undici → undicesimo

  eleven → eleventh

12: dodici → dodicesimo

  twelve → twelfth

20: venti → ventesimo

  twenty → twentieth

21: ventuno → ventunesimo

  twenty-one → twenty-first

58: cinquantotto → cinquantottesimo

  fifty-eight → fifty-eighth

69: sessantanove → sessantanovesimo

  sixty-nine → sixty-ninth

77: settantasette → settantasettesimo

  seventy-seven → seventy-seventh

95: novantacinque → novantacinquesimo

  ninety-five → ninety-fifth

100: cento → centesimo

  one hundred → hundredth

However, the numbers that end in -tré (3) or -sei (6) don't drop their final vowel and the accent on -tré disappears.

33: trentatré →  trentatreesimo

  thirty-three →  thirty-third

46: quarantasei → quarantaseiesimo

  forty-six → forty-sixth

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