Regular plurals

We generally make singular words plural by changing their endings to -i or -e.

-a -e


La casa → Le case

Il problema → I problemi

-o-iIl libro → I libri

La mano → Le mani

-e-iIl cane → I cani

La nave → Le navi

Lots of words don't change their ending in the plural. These notably include the following common words:

  • Words ending in -i:

La crisi → Le crisi

The crisis → The crises

Il brindisi → I brindisi

The toast → The toasts

  • Words ending with an accented vowel:

La città → Le città

The city → The cities

L'attività → Le attività

The activity → The activities

  • Words of only one syllable:

Il re → I re

The king → The kings

Il tè → I tè

The tea → The teas

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