The numbers 1 to 10

1 → uno, una

2 → due

3 → tre

4 → quattro

5 → cinque

6 → sei

7 → sette

8 → otto

9 → nove

10 → dieci

Ho due gatti.

I have two cats.

Andiamo a fare quattro passi?

Shall we go for a stroll? (a saying that literally translates as “Shall we take four steps?”).


  • Uno is used as the indefinite article (meaning “a” or “an”). It takes the forms un, uno, una or un’:

Vorrebbero assumere un contabile.

They would like to hire an accountant.

Ho visto una stella cadente! 

I saw a shooting star!

  • The numbers 2 to 10 do not vary in Italian, meaning that they stay the same regardless of gender or number:

Abbiamo tre figli.

We have three children.

Ho comprato quattro banane e cinque mele.

I have bought four bananas and five apples.

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