The numbers from 101 to 999

Reminder: after cento (100), we build other hundreds using units (due, tre, quattro…) + cento.

300 → Trecento.

(three hundred)

600 → Seicento.

(six hundred)

Between 101 and 999, numbers are formed using the following structure: hundred + number from 1 to 99, written as one word.

201 → Duecentouno.

(two hundred and one)

423 → Quattrocentoventitré.

(four hundred twenty-three)

The word cento (hundred) is always singular.

785 caramelle → Settecentottantacinque caramelle.

Seven hundred eighty-five pieces of candy.

365 giorni → Trecentosessantacinque giorni.

Three hundred sixty-five days.

Note: when cento (hundred) is followed by ottanta (eighty), we drop the o at the end, but if it is followed by otto (eight), we keep the o.

108 = centootto

(one hundred eight)

389 = trecentottantanove

(three hundred eighty-nine)

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