The present tense of irregular verbs that end in -orre in Italian

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The present tense of irregular verbs that end in -orre

The verbs porre (to put), esporre (to exhibit, to present) and proporre (to propose, to suggest) are irregular in the present tense and are conjugated like this:

Io pongo
Tu poni
Lui/lei pone
Noi poniamo
Voi ponete
Loro pongono
Io espongo
Tu esponi
Lui/lei espone
Noi esponiamo
Voi esponete
Loro espongono
Io propongo
Tu proponi
Lui/lei propone
Noi proponiamo
Voi proponete
Loro propongono

Pongo rimedio al disastro che hai fatto.

I'm remedying the disaster you caused.

Marco espone la sua presentazione.

Marco is presenting his presentation.

Loro propongono di andare in piscina.

They are suggesting going to the pool.

Compound verbs such as anteporre (to put something before, to prefer) anteporre, presente, comporre (to compose) comporre, presente, disporre (to arrange) disporre, presente, and opporre (to oppose) opporre, presente are conjugated the same way.

Compongo un nuovo brano.

I'm composing a new song.

Lisa si oppone all'idea di Angela.

Lisa is opposed to Angela's idea.

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