The verbs apparire, comparire and scomparire in the past historic tense

The verbs apparire (to appear), comparire (to appear) and scomparire (to disappear) are irregular and are therefore not conjugated in the same way as regular -ire verbs.

These verbs are formed as follows in the past historic tense:

Io apparvi/apparsi
Tu apparisti
Lui/lei apparve/apparse
Noi apparimmo
Voi appariste
Loro apparvero/apparsero
Io comparvi/comparsi
Tu comparisti
Lui/lei comparve/comparse
Noi comparimmo
Voi compariste
Loro comparvero/comparsero
Io scomparvi/scomparsi
Tu scomparisti
Lui/lei scomparve/scomparse
Noi scomparimmo
Voi scompariste
Loro scomparvero/scomparsero

Mi apparve in sogno. 

She appeared to me in a dream.

Comparvi in un film con un attore straniero. 

I appeared in a movie with a foreign actor.

Scompariste senza dire niente a nessuno. 

You disappeared without saying anything to anyone.

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