The verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have) in the conditional

Reminder: we use the conditional to talk about imaginary situations that may or not become realities, make polite requests, give advice, and express wishes and desires.

Sarei una perfetta insegnante.

I would be the perfect teacher.

Avresti un secondo per aiutarmi?

Would you have a second to help me?

The verbs essere (to be) and avere (to have) are irregular. They are formed as follows in the conditional:

Io sarei
Tu saresti
Lui/lei sarebbe
Noi saremmo
Voi sareste
Loro sarebbero
Io avrei
Tu avresti
Lui/lei avrebbe
Noi avremmo
Voi avreste
Loro avrebbero

Saresti un'ottima candidata per questo posto di lavoro.

You would be an excellent candidate for this role.

Avremmo potuto fare il giro del mondo. 

We would have been able to travel around the world.

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