The verbs scegliere (to choose), cogliere (to pick), togliere (to remove) in the present subjunctive

Verbs ending in -gliere, such as scegliere (to choose), cogliere (to pick), togliere (to remove), etc., are irregular and are conjugated as follows in the present subjunctive: 

Io scelga
Tu scelga
Lui/lei scelga
Noi scegliamo
Voi scegliate
Loro scelgano
Io colga
Tu colga
Lui/lei colga
Noi cogliamo
Voi cogliate
Loro colgano
Io tolga
Tu tolga
Lui/lei tolga
Noi togliamo
Voi togliate
Loro tolgano

Spero che mi scelga.

I hope he chooses me.

Voglio che la togliate da qui.

I want you to get it out of here.

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