Using the indicative to express probability

We can use the following to express probability with the indicative form of the verb (i.e. not the subjunctive):

  • Adverbs such as forse (maybe), magari (perhaps), probabilmente (probably) + verb (generally in the present or future tense).

Forse andiamo in vacanza in Grecia.

Maybe we'll go on vacation to Greece, literally, “Maybe we go…”.

Probabilmente riuscirà a venire al concerto.

He will probably be able to come to the concert.

  • Verbs such as chiedersi (to wonder) / non sapere (to not know) + se (if, whether) + verb (generally in the future tense).

Non so sapere, presente se troverò trovare, futuro i miei amici al bar.

I don't know if I will find my friends in the bar.

Si chiede chiedersi, presente se potrà potere, futuro uscire domani.

He wonders whether he'll be able to go out tomorrow.

  • The verb vedere (to see) in the present or future tense, especially in response to a question.

– Facciamo un viaggio l'anno prossimo? – Vedremovedere, futuro

-Shall we take a trip next year? -We'll see

  • The expression quasi quasi.

Quasi quasi dormo un po'.

I'm tempted to sleep a little / I might just sleep a little.

Note: expressions like non so se (I don't know whether) and mi chiedo se (I wonder if) can also be followed by the subjunctive, but in that case we're referring to the past or present, never to the future.

Non so se sia andato andare, congiuntivo passato in montagna.

I don't know whether he went to the mountains.

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