Where to put reflexive pronouns

Reflexive pronouns Pronomi riflessivi are located:

  • In front of the verb: most of the time.

Magda si sveglia felice.

Magda is happy when she gets up (literally: “Magda gets herself up happy”).

Ciro non si lava oggi.

Cira isn't washing (himself) today.

  • After the verb: in the infinitive, imperative and gerundio (“-ing” form equivalent).

Toni vuole trasferirsi (di casa)

Toni wants to leave home (literally “Toni wants to move himself from home”).

Trovati un lavoro.

Find yourself a job!

Svegliandovi presto, avrete più energie.

If you wake up early, you'll have more energy (literally “by waking yourselves up early”).

  • Before or after the verb (according to preference):

in sentences with a verb like potere (to be able to), dovere (to have to), sapere (to know how to) and volere (to want to) + a main verb.

Anna vuole cambiarsi in camera. / Anna si vuole cambiare in camera.

Anna wants to get changed in her room (literally “Anna wants to change herself in her room”). 

in sentences with two verbs joined by a preposition, like the expressions stare per (to be about to), finire di (to finish), etc.

Antonio sta per farsi la barba. / Antonio si sta per fare la barba.

Antonio is about to shave (himself).

Note: direct Pronomi CD and indirect object pronouns Pronomi CI follow the same rules described above.

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