Prepositions used with the genitive

The following prepositions are followed by the genitive Genitiv: wegen (because of), trotz (in spite of), während (during), anstatt/statt (instead of), aufgrund (due to), mithilfe (with the help of) and bezüglich (concerning).

Das Event wurde aufgrund der Krise abgesagt. (die Krise) Bestimmter Artikel

The event was cancelled due to the crisis. Bestimmter Artikel

Statt des Taxis nehmen wir den Bus. (das Taxi)

Instead of the taxi, we take the bus.

Der Anruf kam während des Essens. (das Essen)

The call came during dinner.

After laut (according to), trotz (despite) and wegen (because of), we don't make any changes to the noun if it is used without an article (like des) or adjective.

trotz Umbau trotz des Umbaus (der Umbau) 

despite conversion → despite the conversion

laut Medien laut vieler Medien (die Medien)

according to media → according to many media

wegen Sturm wegen eines starken Sturmes  (der Sturm)

due to a storm (literally “due to storm”) → due to a heavy storm

Note: in everyday spoken German, the dative Dativ is often used instead of the genitive but this is considered incorrect in formal language, except for laut (according to).

Während dem Frühstück regnet es. (informell)Während des Frühstücks regnet es. (formell)

It rains during breakfast. (informal) → It rains during breakfast. (formal)

laut seines Briefes / laut seinem Brief

according to his letter

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