Separable verbs used with modal verbs

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Separable verbs used with modal verbs

Reminder: separable verbs have a prefix and a verb stem and have the following structure in a “normal” sentence:

mitnehmen  Ich nehme viel Gepäck mit.

to take with I take a lot of luggage with me.

In a sentence, the conjugated modal verb Modalverben is in position 2 and the separable verb is in the infinitive at the end of the sentence:

subject + conjugated modal verb + additional information + infinitive of separable verb.

Ich + muss + im Supermarkt + einkaufen.

I must go shopping in the supermarket.

Anna + möchte + Tim + anrufen.

Anna wants to call Tim.

Die Passagiere + sollen + ihre Badesachen + mitnehmen.

The passengers should take swimming costumes with them.

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