Using da with prepositions

You can use da + preposition to replace part of a sentence: 

da + mit = damit

with it

da + bei = dabei 

while doing it/in doing so

da + vor = davor

in front of it

You can use da + preposition to avoid repeating part of a sentence:

Ich stelle das Sofa vor den Schrank. Ich stelle das Sofa davor

I'm putting the sofa in front of the cupboard. I'm puttting the sofa in front of it

Ich schlafe immer bei der Arbeit ein. Dabei schlafe ich immer ein.

I always fall asleep when I'm working. I always fall asleep while doing it.

Ich hole einen Stift. Damit kannst du schreiben.

I'll fetch a pen. You can write with it.

The preposition depends on the verb used:

-Warst du auf den Test vorbereitet? -Nein, darauf war ich nicht vorbereitet.

‑Were you prepared for the test? ‑No, I wasn't prepared for it.

-Erinnerst du dich an den Namen? -Nein, ich erinnere mich nicht daran.

‑Can you remember the name? ‑No, I can't remember it.

-Bist du gut in Biologie? -Ja, darin bin ich gut.

‑Are you good at biology? ‑Yeah, I'm good at it.


  • Remember to add an ‑r‑ if the pronoun ends in a vowel and the preposition starts with a vowel, e.g. darauf (on top of it), darüber (above it), darum (about it).
  • Darin, darauf, daran and darunter are often shortened in spoken language to drin, drauf, dran and drunter.

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