Meet the Gymglish Team

Take a look at some behind-the-scenes footage from the Gymglish team. If you've been wondering who we are, here we are!

Meet the Gymglish Team: Keep rockin' (August 2009)

Check out the Gymglish team in action: exploring the space of our office in Paris, on the tennis court, in the recording studio, at a party, and in your heart.

The Gymglish Party (May 2011)

No comment.

Meet the Gymglish Team: The Lip Dub (December 2007)

What is a Lip Dub ? It's a video clip featuring lip-synching to a hopefully catchy song. The concept was championed by Jakob Lodwick, the founder of Vimeo (online video site), who took his inspiration from the very successful lip dub by Connected Ventures , an American marketing agency. Since then, scores of businesses, organizations, and schools have filmed their own lip dubs - to get people talking, to promote a cause, or just for fun! Here's our entry:

Meet the Gymglish Team: A recording session (February 2007)

This is the first video made by and featuring the Gymglish team. Check us out in the office and at the recording studio.