Gymglish & Teacher

Gymglish & Teacher provides a blended learning option, combining two complementary educational approaches: face-to-face teaching and daily lessons.


Face-to-face teaching

Teachers provide individual or group lessons in person or over video call*. These face-to-face lessons focus on pronunciation, live conversations and real-life language practice.

*These lessons are not provided by Gymglish

Gymglish lessons

Gymglish lessons provide daily, personalized language practice with immediate corrections and revisions. A great way to practice in between face-to-face lessons.

How it works

Gymglish & Teacher enables students to select areas for review with their teacher. Teachers then receive a detailed brief summarizing the difficulties, needs and objectives of the student.

1 In each lesson, students select points of interest or difficulty for revision.
2 Students also comment at the end of the lessons with specific questions and objectives.
3 Comments and questions are sent to their teacher via a Teacher’s Brief - a printable summary of each student’s lessons.
4 These briefs contain suggested areas to review and student requests with context from the past lessons.