A smart system for personalizing English exercises

Gymglish uses an artificial intelligence engine called A9expert that dynamically creates language activities in English which are then e-mailed to users every day. Each English exercise is personalized according to the user's skill level. The A9expert software takes into account each user's:

- Initial level of English proficiency and his or her goals
- Current level of English proficiency
- Errors and memorization skills

A9expert takes this information and uses it to automatically update the English exercises and the user's lesson plans on a daily basis according to his or her previous answers. The lesson content is constantly being tailored to each user, meaning they stay motivated without wasting time on exercises that don't meet their needs.


The different English exercises offered by Gymglish

Each Gymglish e-mail includes different types of activities and exercises in English:

- Multiple-choice questions in English

- Fill-in-the-blank exercises in English

- English 'dictation' exercises

- English exercises based on specific terms and expressions

These exercises include grammar, syntax and vocabulary as well as press articles, audio recordings and videos. These different elements help users improve their listening and writing skills in English. Finally, the lessons are brought to life with various fun activities to keep users motivated.



A few examples of English exercises

Multiple choice questions in English

The following sentences all use the phrase out of . Select each sentence which uses 'out of' CORRECTLY.

Out of hunger and necessity, I opened the last can of lentils. -->
We're out of options; we'll have to launch the missiles at the Soviets. -->
It is out of numerous reasons that I am calling this meeting. -->


Let's help Jean Marron improve his English!

Choose the most appropriate idiomatic expression in the sentences below.

Jean: One moment please! I arrive ! ---> One moment please! !

Jean: ...and then we can go at table . ---> ...and then .



Multiple choice questions on English vocabulary

'Look, Icarus, I'll level with you '...
From the list below, select the expression which could replace 'I'll level with you' in this sentence, without changing the meaning.

I've nearly finished.
I'll be honest with you.
I'm going to ask a favor of you.
Please be truthful with me.


English 'dictation' exercises

On his 'post-it', Icarus wrote down this number :

Please verify the entire telephone number for mistakes (there are several!) and correct it.


Fill-in-the-blank exercises in English

Fill in the blanks below using the appropriate form of the personal pronoun or possessive pronoun.

Because he was tired of always borrowing Polly's stapler, Icarus decided to buy one of own. Early in the morning, before work, Icarus borrowed mother's car and drove to the local office supply store. bought a shiny red stapler, and then showed to colleagues. Everyone at the office agreed that was a very nice stapler indeed.



Replace the subject and verbs in the blanks below with the appropriate conjugated form. Modal verbs (should, could, would, etc) are NOT needed here.
Be careful of word order!

Luna : Hey, Bob, you're one of my favorite current Delavigne employees! I was wondering. How long at Delavigne?
Bob : Oh, you mean at my current position? at Delavigne for... hmm... let's say eight years.
Luna : I thought longer than that.
Bob : Yeah, you're probably right. How about you? You too are a current Delavigne employee.
Luna : roughly five years ago... or maybe six.