Prepositions of place

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Prepositions of place

•  The different prepositions of place:

•  IN is used for places or areas:

in a room
in the garden
in England
in the sky
in the water
in the river

•  AT is used for specific or precise places:
at the door
at the train station
at the end of the street

•  ON is used for surfaces, and sometimes directions:
on the floor
on earth
on the top
Welcome on board (said when entering a plane or ship, or even joining a team)
on the left, on the right
straight on straight ahead
on the bus

Note: in the front / at the front / on the front
Sit in the front of the car. Sit in the front seat of the car.
He's already at the front of the line. He's already the first person in the line.
There's a logo on the front of the envelope. There's a logo on the top side of the envelope.

Do not confuse with in front of the car (opposite of 'behind the car')

•  Prepositions of movement:
•  TO, displacement towards:

I go to the river every day.
He flies to England tomorrow.
Which train is going to Oxford?

•  INTO (in, inside), ONTO (on top of):
Bruno decided to take a trip into the jungle.
He got into some trouble. He experienced some problems.
Bob installed the software onto the server.

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