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Main uses of TO:
• as a preposition, to expresses movement towards:
I go to Paris every summer. I travel to Paris every summer.
(note that in = I am in Paris)
on the way to Rome going in the direction of Rome
the train to Barcelona the train which goes in the direction of Barcelona

•  result:
from March to September from March until September (= till)
You'll find everything here, from sportswear to fishing gear. You'll find everything here, including sportswear and even fishing gear.

•  allocation:
I gave the letter to Icarus.

•  Also, to introduces the infinitive, used after numerous verbs, nouns and adjectives:
I want to see her.
He tried to escape.
It's too cold to have a barbecue.
Susie's ability to work is impressive.
Bruno is eager to work with Horatio.

•  the infinitive with to can express the objective or aim:
Polly wrote this e-mail to schedule a meeting. Polly wrote this e-mail in order to schedule a meeting.

•  to sometimes introduces a verb in the gerund (-ing form):
She's not used to drinking alcohol. She's not accustomed to drinking alcohol, she doesn't usually drink alcohol.
I look forward to hearing from you soon. I happily await your reply.

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