Diplôme gymglish

Level assessment

Our free test includes a level assessment and a Portfolio (a personalized pedagogical report).

Diplôme Frantastique

Diploma & Certification

Upon finishing your training, Gymglish provides a certificate of completion (Gymglish Certificate) including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate.


The Gymglish Workbook

Each Gymglish user has access to an online Workbook, which gathers all points covered in past English exercises and lessons: grammar pointers, vocabulary, texts and audios. Printable files (PDF) are available in each section, and the user can track their progress with snapshots and statistics of their level.

Funky Friday

Funky Friday

The last Friday of every month, Gymglish presents 'Funky Friday': no English tests, no grammar, just a unique story tailor made for our users. At the end of this special episode, Gymglish users from around the world vote for what happens next. The voting results are published the following Monday, and we then create the next Funky Friday based on your wishes. On 'Funky Friday', you are the boss!