Blended Learning - A sample 'Teacher's Brief'

At regular intervals, the teacher receives the 'teacher's brief' by e-mail: a printable, up-to-date, synthesis of a student's lesson plan consisting of:

formation anglais blended teacher
  • Suggestions of the day : an assortment of recently covered points which should be reviewed in priority
  • Requests : Specific student requests for review,
  • Recurrent and recent errors
  • Revisions
  • Texts and audios from previous lessons (audios can be heard by telephone at any time)

A sample Teacher's Brief

Subject : Your Teacher's Brief For SuperStudent - Next course on Sept 14th
From : The Gymglish Team
To : Mr English Teacher

Hello Mr Teacher, here is this week's Gymglish Teacher's Brief.

Have a look at our menu and see if there's anything that takes your fancy.

Student in this course is SuperStudent.


The most popular starter as voted by your students is
In the wild (VOCAB)

The dish of the day is the text
Introductions (Day 8) scene 1 (see appendix for full text)

The chef's choice for this week is the common error
Fore (golf) (VOCAB)

Still peckish? Have a look at our "à la carte" menu...

A selection of recent requests

In the wild VOCAB Error
To be survived by somebody VOCAB Request
Shotgun VOCAB Error
The passive voice GRAM Request
The present perfect tense GRAM Request

A selection of recent texts and audios

Introductions (Day 8) scene 1 TEXT Request
To Kill a Texas Mountain Bear: Susan comes to the rescue of Harold Warbuckle scene 1 TEXT Comprehension error

To listen to the audio file, dial the Gymglish audio server and enter the code.

A selection of recent errors:

Fore (golf) VOCAB
One of a kind VOCAB
Appreciate your business VOCAB
Open for business VOCAB
Forming the 'perfect' tenses with the auxiliary 'have' GRAM

The following comments have been made:

In the exercice below:

Kevin says to Harold Warbuckle, 'I understand you enjoy golfing.'
What does this expression mean?

Could we have written :

' I know why you like playing golf' instead of 'I know why you like to play golf'
'I heard that you like playing golf ' instead of 'I heard that you like to play golf'

Is it the same meaning or is there a difference?

Thank you
- by SuperStudent on 2008-04-01


(to live) in the wild : (vivre) en liberté
adverb, idiom

wild : sauvage
to be survived by (somebody) : laisser (qq'un) dans le deuil
Delavigne is survived by his son Marc and his grandsons Bruno and Felix. Delavigne laisse dans le deuil son fils Marc et ses deux petit-fils Bruno et Felix.
a shotgun : un fusil de chasse

a gun : un fusil, un revolver, une arme à feu, un pistolet
to carry a gun porter une arme à feu
gun control : le contrôle des armes
Fore! (golfing term) : Attention Balle!
Fore est une expression employée par un joueur de golf quand il a besoin de prévenir d'autres joueurs sur le terrain que la balle est lancée (et qu'elle risque de les blesser!).
one of a kind : unique
adjective, idiom
Susie is one of a kind. There's no one else like her. Susie est unique. Il n'y a personne qui lui ressemble.
I appreciate your business : Je vous remercie de votre fidélité
Cette expression est couramment employée à l'oral ainsi que dans les correspondances commerciales, typiquement adressées à la clientèle.
Thank you for coming to the store. We appreciate your business. Merci de votre visite dans notre magasin. Je vous remercie de votre fidélité.
Your business is greatly appreciated here at Warbuckle's. Les magasins Warbuckle vous remercient de votre fidélité.
We are open for business! : Je vous annonce la naissance de l'entreprise!
We are open for business est aussi utilisé dans d'autres contextes: 'Nous restons ouvert pendant les travaux' We will remain open for business during the construction.
We are now open for business. Je vous annonce le lancement officiel (ou la naissance) de l'entreprise.
Introductions (Day 8) scene 1

4:20 PM - Polly and Harold continue the tour of the Delavigne offices.

Polly : If you follow me, sir, you will meet two of the most important members of the Delavigne team. First, we have Kevin Connors, our production manager. Connors works with our subcontractors overseas, particularly in Asia. He is in contact with all our factory and plant managers. Kevin purchases supplies ranging from glass bottles to seaweed, which we use in the manufacturing process. Kevin loves to travel, but only in first class. In fact, he is on his way to Central America next week, to look into some promising opportunities there.
Kevin : Mister Warbuckle, it's wonderful to meet you at last. I understand you enjoy golfing. I just played an incredible course in Golden Gate Park, you might want to check it out.
Harold : I'll give it a try. What's your handicap?
Kevin : I have flat feet.
Harold : Excuse me?
Kevin : Oh, my handicap in golf! I'm a 15.
Polly : Let's keep moving, Mr. Warbuckle. We still have a lot to see...
Kevin says to Harold Warbuckle, 'I understand you enjoy golfing.'
What does this expression mean?

* I heard that you like to play golf
* I know why you like to play golf
* I am filled with joy when I play golf
* I'm familiar with the game of golf

To Kill a Texas Mountain Bear: Susan comes to the rescue of Harold Warbuckle scene 1
Focus: Business, Press, Travel, Wp
Bruno reads an article in the Dallas Morning Journal Constitution Daily

Armed Man Shoots Unarmed Bear: Animal Rights Activists Up In Arms
by Margaret Penman, Editor-in-Chief

World-renowned Department Store mogul Harold P. Warbuckle was arrested yesterday in his hometown of Amarillo, Texas on suspicion of illegally hunting bears on the property surrounding his 50-acre ranch and estate. Warbuckle, president and CEO of an international department store chain, has always been known for his passion for hunting and guns. The retail magnate was detained and jailed early yesterday morning after park ranger Ernest Marshall discovered a shotgun shell lodged in the hindquarters of a bear cub near Warbuckle's ranch. Marshall was doing his daily sweep of Amarillo's natural wildlife preserve, which borders Warbuckle's ranch on three sides. Warbuckle was released after posting the quarter million dollar bail assessed by judge Wanda Killjoy. He refused to comment on his case after leaving the courthouse early this morning accompanied by his team of lawyers and his loyal hound dog 'Hooch'.

This case is of interest not only to animal rights activists and bear lovers, but also to financial analysts and investors. The backlash from Warbuckle's arrest could have financial implications not only for Warbuckle's Department Stores, but for his business partners as well. Warbuckle has significant retail contracts with many large businesses, notably with the San Francisco-based cosmetic manufacturer the Delavigne Corporation.

The Texas Mountain bear is on the endangered species list, with fewer than 100 bears in the wild today. The bear shot by Warbuckle, affectionately known as 'Cinnamon' by the veterinarians supervising its recovery, is in stable condition at the Amarillo Valley Bear Clinic.

The article refers to an 'estate' in Amarillo, Texas. In this context, an 'estate' is most likely [1].

[1] extensive property or land | Warbuckle's financial assets | a place of business | a park protected by the local or national government