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Online English lessons for individuals

cours d'anglais

Gymglish's educational approach focuses on short daily lessons over the long term. Your English will get better and better as time goes by!

Gymglish offers 6, 12, 24 and 36-month subscriptions for individuals (up to five English lessons and e-mail corrections per week, i.e. up to 60 hours of training for a 12-month subscription).

Certification & Diploma

cours d'anglais


Upon finishing your training, Gymglish provides a certificate of completion including detailed statistics on progress and participation rate..


Our course prepares you for the standardized TOEIC® and BULATS tests


Gymglish provides students and teachers with the equivalence of their CECR (European reference for language proficiency) levels and projected TOEIC® scores.

The advantages


Fun and motivating

Using plotlines and scenarios allows you to forget about the inconvenient aspects of learning. A touch of humor helps keep users motivated!


Useful & Business-oriented

The wide range of professional themes allows you to enrich your vocabulary and feel at ease with the English used in business situations and in daily life.


Contemporary English

The stories are written by a team of creative young English-speaking authors who are also teachers.


Participation rate

Our current students have an 80% participation rate for 12-month subscriptions!

Here's how it works

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  Five Gymglish lessons will be sent every week. The subscriber will receive five e-mails in English per week, delivered on business days by default (Monday through Friday). He/she may choose the days on which the 5 weekly Gymglish e-mails will be sent. The time required for training is four hours per month (estimated time for twenty lessons/corrected lessons during the month, with an average time of 15 minutes each). The actual length of training depends on each individual's participation rate.

 'Fixed length' subscriptions and subscriptions over a certain period of time. For 'Fixed Length' subscriptions (6, 12, 24 and 36 months), the subscriber will receive one e-mail with English lessons and Gymglish language activities per business day for the duration of the subscription. Rates depend on the length of the subscription and are unrelated to the number of lessons actually received and completed by the user.

Gymglish Holidays (for 'Fixed Length' subscriptions only). The subscriber will receive several weeks of 'Gymglish Holidays' (between 4 and 18 weeks, according to the length of the subscription period) during which he/she can choose not to receive Gymglish e-mails. The user will receive credit for any 'unused' time at the end of the subscription period.

Individual subscriptions. Since the lessons are continually customized according to each individual's weak points and needs in English, it is not possible to transfer a subscription to another person during the course of the training program.

'Unlimited Time Period' subscriptions (monthly renewal). The subscription is renewed monthly and may be cancelled at any time via the Workbook. The subscriber is entitled to receive one e-mail with English lessons and Gymglish language activities per business day. The price of the monthly subscription is unrelated to the number of lessons actually received and completed by the user.