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English lessons through the French DIF Scheme

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Within the framework of French legislation on professional training, each employee of a French company has an Individual Right to Training, or DIF* ( Droit Individuel à la Formation ). This right entitles the employee to receive 20 hours of training per year at his or her request and with the company's approval. These hours of training can be accumulated over six years.





A one-year Gymglish PRO subscription for English lessons counts as one year of DIF training. Twenty hours of English lessons in one year...

To accommodate the various agreements and arrangements made between employees, companies and social partners, Gymglish offers a range of flexible options for annual DIF training schemes. HR Directors and company managers can use the Training Manager web interface at any time to handle the deployment of DIF training plans and monitor and evaluate learners' progress. Find out more about the DIF and Gymglish English lessons .


DIF: 20 hours per year and per employee (Gymglish PRO one-year subscription)


  • Frantastique c'est ludique et motivant

    This subscription qualifies as a DIF training plan for your company (outside of work hours OR during work hours)

  • Frantastique, pour l'opérationnel et Business

    Monitor the deployment of DIF training plans through your customized monitoring interface

  • Frantastique c'est un français actuel

    Follow-up and 'Completion of Training' certificate

  • If necessary, we can arrange for French OPCA agencies (joint registered collection agencies) to directly manage or pay for DIF courses.

Several options and arrangements are possible

  1. 1. The lessons can be automatically stopped after 20 hours (120 e-mail responses) and the employee has one year to complete his or her 20 hours of DIF training.

  2. 2. The lessons can continue uninterrupted for 12 months and any training hours completed in addition to the original 20 DIF hours are counted as part of a second year of DIF training.

  3. 3. The lessons can continue uninterrupted for 12 months and any training hours completed in addition to the original 20 DIF hours are provided free of charge to the employee.

The DIF training courses may take place during work hours or outside of work hours, inside or outside the company, in accordance with the arrangements, agreements and the conditions for the application of the DIF of each company and business sector.


Individual Training Protocols and & DIF English courses. The DIF agreements made between employees and company management are laid down in a document titled 'Individual Training Protocol', which is submitted to and signed by the employee and the company before the lessons begin. Gymglish provides specific document templates stipulating the terms and conditions for attributing the DIF .

Please note: The maximum number of hours for a one-year Gymglish PRO subscription is 40 hours, or 240 e-mails (this theoretical limit will be reached if the employee completes his or her Gymglish lesson every business day of the year, without exceptions, and without taking more than four weeks' leave.



* The DIF (Individual Right to Training, or Droit individuel à la Formation) was created by public authorities seeking to democratise the right to adult education and provide the employees of each company with equal access to professional training. As part of the Gymglish Pro subscription, each employee needs only an e-mail address (professional or personal) to follow the course, no matter where in the world they are. Gymglish helps companies achieve the goal of widening access to professional English training.