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Universities, higher education institutions

Gymglish provides English lessons for professional use, making it the ideal complement to English courses at universities and other higher education institutions.Gymglish allows students to practise their English daily and consolidate their acquired knowledge over the long term. Teachers and administrators have access to supervision tools to track students' progress, allowing teachers to design complementary lesson plans. Contact us to start a free test phase for your students.


More than 40 colleges and universities use our method

English courses for university students: Gymglish & Teacher

Gymglish & Teacher is designed to strengthen the synergy between university English courses and Gymglish lessons. Each student has access to an interface in the margin of their Gymglish e-mails to select the points they would like to review with the teacher. On the teacher's end, he or she receives an up-to-date 'teacher's brief' by e-mail before each lesson, detailing the common objectives and needs of the class. This option is available to Gymglish University users at no extra cost, and can be activated at any time for any teacher for the duration of a Gymglish University subscription.

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 Gymglish is used in 40 universities around the world and has been an official partner of the French Ministry of Education since 2007.

Personalized content by area of study and professional interests

The Gymglish University subscription allows each student to customize their training to complement their area of study or future profession. The lessons prioritize the topics and professional terminology that match the student's needs. Examples of options available to Gymglish University users: management, finance, sales, marketing, industry, research & development, health, HR etc.

Student supervision and monitoring

Supervision tools and a dedicated web space are provided for university teachers and administrators. This space provides a snapshot of students' progress and includes detailed information about scores and participation rates. Students' work is marked and evaluated continuously throughout the lessons on a scale of 0 (absolute beginner) to 5 (professional mastery of international English).


EDU Pricing

  Max. Number of lessons Max. Duration Price
6 months 120 lessons 30 hours 52.5 € / license
9 months 180 lessons 45 hours 67.5 € / license
12 months 240 lessons 60 hours 75 € / license


We provide training in management, information technology and communications. English is used every day at our school. The Gymglish English courses are an easy, flexible way for us to insert English into students' daily lives. This was a successful experience that we plan on repeating next year.

Alain Seigneur
Director of the MIAGE Master's programme at the Université René Descartes Paris V, France