A charge

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a charge (financial term): a fee, a cost (financial term)
Please give me a summary of the charges to my bank account by the end of the week. I need to know the fees I have to pay.
For orders of less than $100, a $15 shipping charge will be assessed. It's the cost you have to pay for transportation.

an (electric) charge: an (electric) current

to be charged (to do something / with a task): to be obliged (to do something), to be responsible (for doing something)
verb, idiom
Icarus was charged with the task of protecting the princess from Philip's advances. Looking after her was Icarus's responsibility.

(to be) in charge of: (to be) responsible for
Luna DeLune is in charge of hiring new personnel. It's her responsibility to recruit new staff.


  • "It's a lot smaller than Delavigne, but with the right man in charge, it has the chance to grow, and grow, and grow."
  • "Jean : You are the man in charge around here."
  • "Being 'in charge' has many benefits, the best is having your staff bring you coffee and doughnuts."
  • "- We offer a packed lunch service at a moderate extra charge (£10)."
  • "I want to wear something bright today, something loud… Something that says “I'm in charge of my longtime boss who I'm also in love with”."
  • "- You can rent tea and coffee making facilities for an extra charge (£12 per night)."
  • "- Breakfast is available at a small extra charge (£7)."
  • "Since you're in charge of personnel, I want to ask you to approach the accounts department on my behalf."
  • "and I'm in charge!"
  • "Excess baggage will incur a charge."

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