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to date (someone), to have a date: to go out with (someone); to have a rendezvous, an appointment, a meeting; to have company, an escort
verb, idiom
We dated last year, but I split up with her when I found out she used to be a man.
Philip has three dates with three different women this week. He is taking them all to the same restaurant, but on different days.

Susie is my date tonight: I'm meeting Susie tonight (probably romantically)

a date: a specific day in a specific month (for example 21st October, 5th May)


  • "It's been awhile since I've dated, so I've prepared several different tasks for you."
  • "Yolanda : Chris and I were dating."
  • "Today, we're going to talk about dates."
  • "Philip : The date is November 24th."
  • "She took me to a surprise destination for our next date."
  • "I said we should date."
  • "Brian : His name is Philip, he likes to date girls."
  • "Date : October 31st"
  • "Brian : But your date can't see, sir!"
  • "The world needs to know what's going on in my life: Who I'm dating, what I'm eating, what I'm wearing, which interns are annoying me-"

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