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a trust: an account, savings, holdings
Take care not to confuse this term with to trust (to have faith in, to believe).


  • "Mr. Bumblefund, an investment banker at Greenback & Trust, has been elected by our shareholders to represent them at this meeting, and speaks on their behalf."
  • "Kevin : Hello, this is Kevin Connors, a long-time customer of Greenback & Trust."
  • "Three young men were arrested in their apartment yesterday afternoon, following a police investigation of the robbery of a Greenback & Trust bank in the Tenderloin neighborhood of San Francisco."
  • "He met the CFO of Greenback & Trust at one of his Accountancy Club meetings."
  • "Operator : Hello and thank you for calling Greenback & Trust."
  • "Jeanine : Good afternoon, this is Jeanine Blethermeister, Greenback & Trust Junior Associate."
  • "Jeanine : No, sir, you're not the only Kevin Connors in our system. There are, at this branch alone, 112 Kevin Connors who have accounts at Greenback & Trust."
  • "Kevin : Oh, you must be new there at Greenback & Trust, Jeanine."

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