About to do something

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to be (just) about to do (something): to be on the point of doing something, to do something very soon
I was about to leave. I'll stay now that you're here.


  • "You see, a small company listed on NASDAQ is about to announce an important technological breakthrough."
  • "Brian : Well, I was just about to phone a hotel to reserve a room for Bruno's trip to New York next month."
  • "However, it must be said that we are not about to cut our ties with our current suppliers to enable Delavigne and its subsidiaries to create a skin-care monopoly."
  • "I think somebody might be about to steal my identity and my money."
  • "You can sit down now Jean, the game is about to start."
  • "Luna : I'm just about to."
  • "We have never given in to thinly veiled threats or strong-arming in the past, and we are not about to start now."
  • "Right, so then just as I'm about to take off her skirt, my phone rings and it's Michelle, the other girl that I was supposed to see."
  • "I was just about to give you your wake-up call."

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