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an address: a place where a building is located (for example: 34, Poplar Road)
Here is my new address: 66 Red Devil Drive. It's the first road on the left after the High Street.

to address: to speak to, to talk to; to attend to, to take care of, to deal with
I'm addressing over 500 people at the university tomorrow in a speech about evolution.
We will try to address all your concerns at the meeting today.


  • "Home address: THE PACIFIC OCEAN"
  • "Brian : Perhaps we could try this address written on the back of the photo?"
  • "You're certain this is the address your son gave you, Horatio?"
  • "My schedule isn't important at all because tonight, the thing you're forgetting, is the shareholders meeting, where I have to address the shareholders, employees and the media to tell them about Horatio!"
  • "I'm not familiar with that address."
  • "This is the address he gave me!"
  • "only offer you a mobile phone number, rather than a land line and a permanent address."
  • "Icarus : Are you sure this is the right address, Mr. Horatio?"
  • "Journalist 1 : Mr. Delavigne, would you care to address rumors of your alleged homosexuality once and for all?"
  • "She gave me your address."

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