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to admit: to confess, to acknowledge, to be honest
Admit it! You've fallen in love with somebody else! Tell me the truth!
I must admit that I was a little worried.

to admit someone to hospital: to register someone as needing medical care at a clinic


  • "Okay, I admit it!"
  • "Harold : Well, this is a little difficult for me to admit, Bruno."
  • "Jean : Brian, I admit that I understand very little of what you say."
  • "He admits it!"
  • "Steffi : Well, I admit that the samples we received were a success with the buying commission, our compliments to the creator."
  • "Hannah : Ok Icarus, I admit it: Stickypedia's page on "geek" is excellent."
  • "I admit that I may come on a bit too strong, but look at the way she dresses!"
  • "Bruno : Well Danica, I have to admit this isn't how I envisioned our family reunion, but I am very happy to have you back in my life."
  • "Fall to bits, I confess, I admit, I'm impressed."
  • "I'll be the first to admit that violence doesn't solve anything."

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