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an adult: a grown-up person, a person or animal that has grown to full size and strength, a person over the age of 18

an adult (film): (a film) for people over the age of 18 (usually pornographic)
adult fare a full-price or undiscounted entrance fee


  • "Bruno : The Adult Channel."
  • "at least 8 hours for most adults."
  • "His research team has also found evidence that a little stress early on in life actually makes us into more resilient and better-adjusted adults."
  • "We're both adults."
  • "adult films. The director of one of her films was a friend of a drug dealer who got arrested and put in prison."
  • "Most adults need 7-8 hours of sleep each night."
  • "Reporter : Are you a baby that's still a baby who can talk, or are you somehow a baby that's like an adult but can talk?"
  • "Silence, you dirty adults!"
  • "All day long he plays video games, listens to Hip-hop music, downloads "adult" films on his computer, and smokes strange cigarettes in his room."
  • "If you can't negotiate like an adult, I won't consider you to be a serious customer."

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