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to afford: to have enough money to pay for or finance; to manage, to allow oneself
We cannot afford to lose any more time. We only have an hour to finish the project.
When I receive the money I will be able to afford a nice vacation.

affordable (price): acceptable, low, inexpensive, cheap (price)
This car is affordable. I have $2000 and it costs $1800.


  • "I can't afford hot."
  • "Bruno : Unfortunately, the current economic climate has led to budget cuts, and the Corporation cannot afford to take you on a guided tour of the Park."
  • "In fact, spend more than you can really afford."
  • "And then I'm supposed to have a meeting with Philip and talk about the sales budget for the next quarter, and I just know he's going to ask me for more stuff that I can't afford to allocate him, and - well - you know what Philip's like, and."
  • "The average American family can't afford to dine in sit down restaurants anymore."
  • "After all, you deserve the best treatment that only a very wealthy sub-section of the population can afford."
  • "How can you afford to live there?"
  • "Johns, who has been widely criticised for wasting money on the album, responded to critics yesterday, saying: "You're just jealous because you can't afford to have the Queen of England rap on one of your songs."
  • "Spend as much money as you can afford."

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