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after (dinner we'll go to the movies): following, later than (dinner we'll go to the movies)
adverb, preposition
Pronunciation examples
UK: Would you like to have a drink after work?
US: You can have a whisky after you've finished that vodka.
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  • "After several rounds of interviews, I have made a decision on my new special assistant."
  • "Removed Philip's testosterone chip after inappropriate joke about silicon implants."
  • "As you all know, we recently lost our CEO Bruno Delavigne, and shortly afterwards our interim CEO Susan Bliss, who ran off with Bruno after a very interesting wedding in London."
  • "After London, after Paris, I'm in Kalackistan."
  • "(After the music)"
  • "(In English) Please leave a message after the gong."
  • "Glitches after receiving phone calls from his mother, like the human version."
  • "Please leave a message after this HUMAN MADE beep."
  • "Special terms and conditions: Any stock that remains unsold six (6) months after the delivery date will be bought back in full by the Delavigne Corporation (at the same price as stated above) within ten (10) working days."

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