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again: once more, another time
Try again! Make another attempt!
I'd like to watch the movie again. Shall we come back next week too?
He will never talk to me again. This is the end of our relationship!

We have to differentiate again from still and yet:

He is sick again. He has a new illness.
He is still sick. He continues to be ill.
He has not recovered yet. Up to now he has not recovered.

once again: one more time


  • "Susie : So there I was with my best mates, and it was just like old times again, before I became CEO of Delavigne, before Jean proposed marriage, before Bruno took me away in his helicopter."
  • "Anyhow, next week I will be in your "neck of the forest"* (again, I hope I've used the expression correctly)."
  • "Are you a little bit lost again, 12?"
  • "Hello again, Susie."
  • "Once again it would seem that Delavigne's bank balance is smelling of roses."
  • "And then I turned the box on again."
  • "Susie : Oh come on now, Samantha, look, she's crying again."
  • "I'd just like to say once again that I'm at your disposal for any concerns you may have."
  • "I know you must be anxious to hear her beautiful voice again."
  • "Let's try it again."

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