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against: contrary to, opposed to; facing; versus; touching
I played tennis against Bjorn Borg yesterday. He was my opponent.
I sat down with my back against the wall. I was sitting on the floor but my back was touching the wall.
This politician is against abortion. He is opposed to abortion being legalized.
against the grain controversial; unusual, unconventional

to be against (something): to be opposed to, to not be in favor of (something)
I am against this marriage. I am not in favor of it.

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'm sitting against a wall.
US: This politician is against capital punishment.


  • "In the event of an accident, if someone files a claim against you, you could be liable for thousands of dollars in damages."
  • "Hands against the wall."
  • "I have some very important news about the criminal cases against you Mr. Capone."
  • "Since I was no longer covered, my insurance claim against Kalvin Krime was refused, even though the truck driver was the responsible party."
  • "Professor Hyppolyte Fabuleux said "Ever since the French flu pandemic of 1873, our nation has worn scarves to protect against the common cold and flu."
  • "Brian : Well it's against company policy, but just this once."
  • "We are against it."
  • "A team of French scientists is claiming a major breakthrough in the fight against the avian influenza virus (or "bird flu"): a bird-sized scarf made of wool."
  • "Scientists unveil new deterrent against bird flu"
  • "Hannah : I'd like to discuss the CIA's alleged use of torture techniques against terror suspects."

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