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an agreement: a group decision, an accordance; a contract, a deal
to be in agreement with (sbdy, sthg) to share the same view, opinion as (sbdy, sthg)

to make an agreement (with someone, to do something): to make a decision or arrangement (with someone, to do something)
Pronunciation examples
UK: We have made an agreement with the Chinese to manufacture our clothes.
US: Are we all in agreement that I should take a shower?


  • "Bruno and Harold Warbuckle will soon be celebrating a new business agreement over some cold Scotch and peanuts."
  • "Bruno : Brent, I'm happy to say that we have in fact reached an agreement with the International Fruit Concern, and that Miracle Juices now belongs to them."
  • "We made an agreement."
  • "Shannon : Check it, and with your agreement we can renew the same policy."
  • "I wish you the best of luck in convincing Mr. Oléré to sign the revised agreement."
  • "Bethany : This agreement is as much for Horatio as it is for you."
  • "Brent : Have you reached an agreement with the IFC?"
  • "We at Epikure make it a point to honor every single one of our agreements to the letter."
  • "Steffi : An agreement is an agreement, Philip."

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