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alcohol: drinks such as wine, beer, whisky, vodka, etc.


  • "At our spacious and tranquil retreat, you will find a solution for all your earthly problems. Whether you have a serious alcohol or drug addiction, a troubled marriage, or are just severely disappointed in your gay children, we have a program for you!"
  • "It smells the same but it doesn't contain any alcohol – it's 100% nonflammable!"
  • "I cannot eat even a banana or walnut, you know I, I drink the milk because alcohol makes me sleepy."
  • "As you can see, the company has provided the requisite amount of alcohol and sustenance for you to quote unquote 'enjoy yourselves', and yet it still seems that you are not 100% thrilled with the festivities!"
  • "Serving alcohol to minors is illegal."
  • "Drug pusher and consumer of alcohol and perfumes"
  • "Bad: High alcohol content"
  • "Gourmet fine dining (microwaved) and free alcohol in First Class."
  • "You reek of alcohol, cigarettes and what I can only assume to be monkey sperm."
  • "In exchange for lots of money and alcohol."

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