Definition Angry

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angry: furious, annoyed, enraged, upset
Note that we are angry "with" or "at" someone: "I'm angry with my father".

Bruno felt very angry because his friend did not invite him to the cinema.
to grow angry to become angry, to get angry

anger: fury, rage, strong feeling due to something bad that has happened

to anger (someone): to make (someone) feel angry, furious, enraged
Pronunciation examples
UK: Bruno looks a bit angry.
US: When I haven't eaten, I'm hungry and that makes me angry.


  • "If you are quite angry with a Delavigne product, press 2."
  • "Expect angry protesters."
  • "Brian : Intimidating but elegant, like an angry ostrich."
  • "Angry ostrich."
  • "Bruno : You got angry?"
  • "Please tell Bruno I miss him, and I'm very angry with him."
  • "If you are so angry that you cannot speak, press 4."
  • "Brian: (thinking) Oh dear, Bruno sounds angry!"
  • "You are too angry to talk to someone at the moment, so you will be placed on hold until you have calmed down a bit."
  • "Anger. Rage."

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