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a (job) application: a request (for a job); a form on which a (job) request is made
I filled out my application for a passport because my old passport was stolen.

an application (of the law): a use, an implementation (of the law)
Application usually refers to the "practical use of something":

During your first month at work, you will be able to put what you learnt into application.

Application is also "a layer" (of paint):

Let's wait for the paint to dry before putting on another application.

a(n) (job) applicant: a person applying for, asking for (a job)
Pronunciation examples
UK: My job application was successful - I start tomorrow!
US: This technology has many applications: for example, identity theft.


  • "Look, I'm no technophobe, I churn my butter and milk my cows like the rest of you, but would you care to explain to me why I need an application which creates ocean sounds from my phone while I sleep?"
  • "We make no guarantee that your application for refund will be accepted."
  • "Don't worry, it's not as CRAZY as this speculative application!"
  • "We will not be able to consider your application any further."
  • "I've provided a link to an application that will help me select the best day for the picnic."
  • "This application will give me a clearer idea when to organise my picnic!"
  • "Poorly-written application e-mail + inappropriate joke about alcoholism = polite rejection."
  • "That is absolutely NOT grounds for dismissing an application!"
  • "At my last job, I sent an application, and they didn't call me back for nine months."
  • "-Do you mean that you lied on your application?"

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