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an appointment: a meeting, an engagement
To make an appointment To arrange, to fix, to organize a meeting

Pronunciation examples
UK: I'd like to make an appointment to see the doctor.
US: This is a funeral home. It's too early to make an appointment with us.


  • "I don't recall having any appointments this morning."
  • "I can arrange an appointment with an officer right now if you like."
  • "Doris : Hello Mr Cheeter, how was your dental appointment?"
  • "As per your request, I have scheduled an appointment with Dr. Donna Donovan."
  • "It allows me to organize my time, remember appointments-"
  • "I have an appointment to have my shoes shined at 3:00, and I don't like to be rushed."
  • "I'd like to confirm my appointment for next Tuesday at 2.30PM.""
  • "Philip : It wasn't a dental appointment Doris."
  • "Following our meeting on Tuesday, I'd like to arrange an appointment ASAP to talk about flexible working hours."
  • "I have an appointment with Dr. Bob Loblaw for a laser eye surgery."

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