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to approach: to move towards, to get close to, to advance, to draw near
The deadline is approaching, you only have 2 days left.

an approach: an advance, a nearing; a way, a means, a style
You have an innovative approach to marketing. Your style is very interesting.

Pronunciation examples
UK: That's an interesting approach.
US: My birthday is approaching. I want a puppy.
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  • "A 'one size fits all' approach is outdated and unsuccessful."
  • "The Delavigne Corporation is delighted to announce the launch of the new and improved Classic Collection publicity campaign, still starring Ivana Bümbüm. Offering a more subtle approach than the first version of the Classic Collection campaign earlier this year, the new marketing strategy is more innovative in its attention to nuance, and its bespoke approach."
  • "Since you're in charge of personnel, I want to ask you to approach the accounts department on my behalf."
  • "But really it's a unique approach to language learning."
  • "Brian : Now Lucie, we're approaching Bruno's office."
  • "California is one of the most generous states when it comes to family leave, and the Delavigne Corporation is well-known for its progressive approach."
  • "Glen : Alright everyone, we're approaching the end of our yogic journey."
  • "Our readers would be fascinated to hear about your unique approach to accounting and your opinions on the finance world in general."
  • "I am working for a company which offers French lessons by e-mail, using a unique approach which adapts to each user."

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