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an arrest: a detention, a capture (by the police)
There were several arrests during the demonstration. The police took people away for questioning.

to be under arrest: to be detained by the police, to be taken into custody (at a police station)
They're under arrest until further notice. They won't be able to leave the police station.

to arrest somebody: to detain, to capture, to take a person for questioning by the police
The police arrested the suspect outside his house. Now they have taken him to the police station to question him.


  • "Simpson was arrested by police driving at 180 miles an hour with a small horse in the passenger seat."
  • "Horatio : General, I mean Rainbow Child, am I still under arrest?"
  • "Trotter, best known for his incredible feats of magic, adorable little smile and the bizarre lightning-shaped scar on his forehead, was arrested after police found the boy circling drunkenly around Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square."
  • "Oléré was later arrested for public nudity."
  • "Hannah : I'm not under arrest, am I?"
  • "You are under arrest for detonating a nuclear bomb in the Pacific Ocean."
  • "Police : Mr. Warbuckle, you're under arrest for driving under the influence."
  • "adult films. The director of one of her films was a friend of a drug dealer who got arrested and put in prison."
  • "Bruno : Herbert, I haven't heard from you since you got arrested at that party in Vegas."
  • "Barry Trotter, the A-list celebrity wizard, was arrested for drunk driving or in this case drunk flying, this morning in central London."

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