Definition As far as i am concerned

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as far as I am concerned: if you ask me, in my opinion
This construction can mean something slightly different with other subjects:

As far as I am concerned, this meeting is over. In my opinion, this meeting is over.
As far as food is concerned, I left a pizza in the oven. In regards to the food, I left the pizza in the oven.

as far as (the sales) go...: in relation to, in regard to (the sales)...


  • "Clarence : As far as poultry goes, we have a stuffed pheasant smothered in a shallot sauce."
  • "As far as I'm concerned, more cattle means more delicious roast beef on a Sunday."
  • "As far as the loans are concerned, things are a little more complicated."
  • "As far as entertainment is concerned, the airlines have told me that they have an old video tape of Superman IV, and that the co-pilot used to play guitar in a rock band."
  • "As far as your report is concerned, I found your observations to be fascinating, as always."
  • "I have heard several very disturbing reports of language misuse by management here, and I just want to make sure that everyone is on the same page as far as our language policy is concerned."
  • "As far as your tasks go, I require growth in the following areas"
  • "However, as far as Research and Development is concerned -"
  • "As far as incentives are concerned, we offer Ivana a six-month provisional contract with an almost-guaranteed renewal following the launch of our advertising campaign."
  • "As far as the production costs are concerned, I've booked a Hollywood studio, where we can shoot the ad using computer generated graphics."

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